Galvanising & Cleaning Chemicals

Innoveda chemicals offer top quality chemicals as the raw materials for galvanising and cleaning industry in the UAE. Innoveda chemicals offer a wide range of chemical solutions within the Adhesive and sealer trade to boost the potency, sturdiness and look of our customer’s finished products. Makers of adhesives and sealants will prefer raw materials from our comprehensive portfolio of galvanising chemicals to supply high-performance merchandise that meets the required specification.

Innoveda chemicals offer a large variety of base polymers, tackifier resins, fillers and extenders, and additives, like adhesion promoters or coupling agents, antioxidants, defoamers, biocides, emulsifiers, plasticizers, active agents, and alternative method and performance-enhancing ingredients which will be used in formulating numerous forms of adhesives and sealants.
water treatment chemicals
water treatment chemicals


Innoveda chemicals offer extremely effective chemicals for the cleaning industry like defoamer agents which will be used in formulating numerous adhesives and sealants. These defoamers or air unharness agents forestall and destroy the froth bubbles effectively and supply optimum performance throughout the adhesive production still because of the application method.


Innoveda chemicals supply a wide range of antioxidant chemicals which prevent the adverse effects of free radicals. Innoveda offers high-performance galvanising chemicals like inhibitor additives which will be used in numerous adhesive and sealants formulations.


Innoveda chemicals offer a wide portfolio of effective antimicrobial chemicals which act as the protection of adhesives and sealants. These cleaning chemicals play a significant role in inhibiting the expansion and unfolding of microorganisms.

Curing Agent-Hardeners

Innoveda chemicals offer high-performance cross linking chemical agents which will be used in formulating numerous adhesives and sealants. This chemical effectively increases the thermal stability and mechanical properties of the bottom compound.


Innoveda chemicals high-performance emulsifiers supply straightforward emulsification by effective reduction of interfacial surface tension. This chemical may be used in producing numerous emulsion adhesives.


Filler chemicals from innoveda chemicals are added to the adhesive and sealer formulations to boost their operating properties, strength, permanence, or alternative properties.