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Innoveda Chemicals – Elevating Chemical Solutions in the UAE. Your Premier Partner for Quality Chemical Supply and Expertise.

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Leading Chemical Distributor in Dubai and Sharjah

Safe Delivery

Innoveda Chemicals, your trusted chemical supplier in Dubai and Sharjah, ensures secure delivery of industrial chemicals across the UAE. Our commitment to safety is paramount.

Wide Range

As a leading industrial chemical supplier in the UAE, Innoveda Chemicals offers an extensive selection of high-quality chemical products, making us a top choice among chemical traders and distributors in Dubai and Sharjah.

Affordable Chemical Solutions

Innoveda Chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah offers cost-effective chemical solutions without compromising quality. We prioritize affordability to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Expert Advice

Innoveda Chemicals, a trusted industrial chemical supplier in the UAE, offers expert advice to clients in Dubai and Sharjah, making us a preferred choice for chemical solutions and guidance.

Timely Service

Count on Innoveda Chemicals, your dependable chemical distributor in Dubai, for punctual delivery of industrial chemicals. We prioritize timely service for our valued customers in Dubai, Sharjah, and across the UAE.

Custom Solutions

Innoveda Chemicals is not just a chemical supplier; we provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, and the entire UAE. Your chemical partner for success.

Quality Excellence in Every Chemical Product

Diverse Chemical Portfolio

Our chemical product range in Dubai and Sharjah spans a wide spectrum, offering versatile solutions for various industries, ensuring you'll find the perfect match for your specific needs.

Rigorous Quality Control

Every chemical product we offer in Dubai and Sharjah undergoes rigorous quality control checks to guarantee that it meets or surpasses industry standards for purity and performance.

Safe and Reliable Delivery

We take pride in our safe delivery processes in Dubai and Sharjah, ensuring that your ordered chemicals arrive securely and promptly, ready for immediate use.

Conformance to Industry Standards

Innoveda Chemicals' products in Dubai and Sharjah adhere to strict industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing that you receive chemicals of the highest quality and reliability.

IIGT - A Leading Chemical Trader in Dubai

Explore Our Range of Specialized Chemical Solutions

Marine Chemicals and Ship Maintenance:

Discover our marine-grade chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah, designed for ship maintenance, corrosion protection, and effective marine operations.

Cleaning and Maintenance Industrial Chemicals:

As a leading industrial chemical supplier in uae, our industrial cleaning chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah are formulated for efficient cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep of various industrial facilities.

Food and Dairy Industrial Chemicals:

Ensure food safety with our specialized food and dairy industry chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah, meeting stringent quality and hygiene standards.

Galvanizing Industrial Chemicals:

Explore our galvanizing chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah, engineered to enhance corrosion resistance and longevity in metal products.

Oil Field and Refinery Chemicals:

Discover our oil field and refinery chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah, optimized for the challenges of oil and gas industry operations.

Paint and Ink Industry Chemicals:

Elevate your paint and ink production in Dubai and Sharjah with our high-quality, performance-enhancing chemicals tailored for the industry.

Water and Sewage Treatment Chemicals:

Our water and sewage treatment chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah address critical environmental needs, ensuring clean and safe water management.

Our core values

Quality - Reliability - Expertise

Discover how Innoveda Chemicals in Dubai embodies its core values of quality, reliability, and expertise in every aspect of our chemical solutions.

1. Quality:

At Innoveda Chemicals, quality is the cornerstone of our operations. We are committed to delivering chemical solutions that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and excellence.

2. Reliability:

Innoveda Chemicals stands as a trusted partner in Dubai and Sharjah, offering reliable and consistent chemical supply. Our customers depend on us for on-time deliveries and unwavering support.

3. Expertise:

With years of experience in the chemical industry, Innoveda Chemicals in Dubai and Sharjah is your source for expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

UAE including Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi

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Hear from satisfied clients across the globe as they share their experiences and trust in Innoveda Chemicals’ products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innoveda Chemicals serves a wide array of industries, including marine, industrial cleaning, food and dairy, galvanizing, oil field and refinery, paint and ink, and water and sewage treatment. Our extensive product range accommodates various industrial needs.

Absolutely! We understand that each business has unique requirements. Innoveda Chemicals offers customizable chemical solutions, collaborating closely with you to formulate chemicals that precisely meet your specifications.

Safety and quality are paramount. We ensure secure transportation and delivery through robust packaging, adherence to industry standards, and trusted logistics partners. Quality control is maintained throughout the supply chain to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of marine chemicals and ship maintenance solutions, including acidic cleaners, degreasers, wash cleaners, detergent cleaners, electro cleaners, fuel oil test products, fuel oil treatment solutions, gases, general cleaners, lab-grade chemicals, pickling and passivation agents, solvent cleaners, and various other specialty products. To explore our full range of marine and ship maintenance chemicals

As a prominent industrial chemical supplier in Sharjah, we offer a selection of cleaning and maintenance industrial chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide 35%, nonyl phenol ethoxylate, perchloroethylene, and sodium lauryl ethyl sulfate (SLES) surfactants. These products are designed to meet various cleaning and maintenance needs. To explore our cleaning and maintenance industrial chemicals

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