21 Jan 2023

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a widely used chemical in various industrial and commercial applications.   It is a versatile chemical that is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. From manufacturing soap and detergents to processing paper and textiles, caustic soda plays a critical role in many industries. From food processing and pulp and paper production, caustic soda is an essential ingredient.

Caustic soda is a type of salt made from sodium and hydroxide. As well as being a common name for sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Pure caustic soda is hard to find, but it is sold in stores and online for making candles and soap. Impure caustic soda is often used to make drugs, such as LSD

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Few things to consider 

When it comes to buying caustic soda, to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product.

First and foremost, it’s important to purchase caustic soda from a reputable supplier. Do your research and look for a supplier that has a proven track record of providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Another important factor to consider is the purity of the caustic soda. Look for a supplier that can provide a certificate of analysis (CoA) that confirms the purity of the product. Purity levels can range from 50-99% and it’s important to use the appropriate level for your specific application.

In addition to purity, it’s also important to consider the form of caustic soda that you need. Caustic soda is available in both liquid and solid forms. The liquid form is more commonly used in industrial applications and is easier to handle and store, while the solid form is more suitable for smaller applications.

When buying caustic soda, it’s also important to consider the cost. Compare prices from different suppliers and look for deals and discounts that can help you save money


Applications of caustic soda

Soap and detergent manufacturing: 

Caustic soda is used as a key ingredient in the production of soap and detergents. It reacts with fats and oils to form soap, and also helps to emulsify dirt and stains.

Pulp and paper production: 

Caustic soda is used in the pulping process to separate fibers from wood chips and other plant materials. It is also used in the production of paper to adjust the pH of the pulp and to bleach the paper.

Textile processing: 

Caustic soda is used in textile processing to soften and prepare fibers for spinning and weaving. It is also used to remove impurities and to adjust the pH of the dye bath.

Food processing: 

Caustic soda is used in food processing to clean and sanitize equipment and surfaces. It is also used in the production of certain food products, such as olives, and in the process of homogenizing milk.

Oil and gas refining: 

Caustic soda is used in the refining of crude oil and natural gas. It is used to remove impurities and to adjust the pH of the process streams.

Water treatment: 

Caustic soda is used to adjust the pH of water in water treatment plants, and also used in the production of drinking water.

Why to choose us 

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In addition to offering high-quality products, Innoveda also provides excellent customer service. The company’s team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping customers find the right products for their specific needs and providing support throughout the purchasing process.

Another benefit of buying caustic soda from Innoveda is the company’s competitive pricing. Innoveda works closely with its suppliers to ensure that it can offer customers the best prices on caustic soda and other chemicals.

Helpful Tips

The caustic soda is hard to find, so you might be able to buy it in bulk. You might be able to find other people who need it to help split the cost. It’s not an expensive item, but you probably don’t need several pounds of it. 

Keep the container sealed and away from moisture. Caustic soda absorbs and reacts with water. Keep  away from children and pets. Touching or ingesting it can cause a potentially severe chemical burn.


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