21 Nov 2022

Triethylene Glycol is a liquid chemical compound that has the molecular formula of C6H14O4 (or HOCH2CH2CH2O2CH2O2CH2OH2OH2OH). TEG is well-known for its ability to dehumidify fluids and hygroscopic properties. It can be mixed with water but is also soluble in acetone, acid acetic, glycerine, and pyridine. It is slightly insoluble in diethyl ether and insoluble in oil, fat, as well as most hydrocarbons.

 TEG is a product of the oxidation at high temperatures of ethylene in the presence of a silver oxide catalyst. Then, ethylene oxide is hydrated to produce mono, di, and trimethylene glycols. 

TEG is used by the oil and gas industry to dehydrate natural gas and other gasses such as CO2, H2S, and other oxygenated gasses. TEG is used in industrial applications as an adsorbent and absorbent, functional fluid in closed and open systems, intermediates, petroleum production process aids, and solvents. 

TEG is used to make a variety of consumer products including anti-freeze, automotive, and building care products as well as cleaning and furnishing products. It also helps in the production of fuels and other related products.

Applications chemical supplier in Dubai

1. Used as a solvent, extractant, and desiccant. 

2. As a solvent for gas chromatographic fixative and nitrocellulose, various resins, are also used in organic synthesis. 

3. A solvent for gas chromatographic fixative, nitrocellulose, and various resins. Also used in organic synthesis. Solvents for nitrocellulose, different resins, and gums.

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